× SECOND SATURDAY CONVENTION will be at Bethel Convention Centre, Birmingham, B70 7JW....From 8am to 4pm - In Malayalam & English

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× Inspired by the Holy Spirit, Anointing Fire Catholic Ministry (AFCM) is a catholic charismatic missionary movement founded by Rev. Fr. Xavier khan vattayil for the world evangelization. He is the founder and director of Sehion & Anointing Fire Catholic Ministries for world evangelization. We conduct retreats and conferences for priests, religious and the lay people. All the teachings are based on the Catholic Teaching and the Holy Bible. It also conducts parish retreats and conferences, formation programmes, seminars, youth ministries, media ministries etc for the Catholic children, youth and adults in English and Malayalam languages. Anointing Fire Catholic Ministries is Registered Charity in England and Wales.

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