By registering my child    for this  , we / I the under signed / agreed, consent to our child attending the Online Programme that will be held from    to     over the zoom video conferencing software.

     I consent to my child utilizing this video conferencing software for this event.

     I understand that online ministry is for children under the age of 18 years.

     I consent that I will supervise my child and ensure that she/he will access online ministry during my presence.

     I confirm that my child will take part in online ministry in a public place in the home and not in their bedroom or in a room with their door closed.

      I acknowledge that, as a parent of the child signing up, my child will be asked by the team members to switch on or switch off the video and ‘mute’ or unmute at any time throughout the call.

      I understand that if my child does not follow the instructions of the team, Sehion Ministries UK has the right to remove my child from the group anytime during the online Ministry.

     I also give permission to Sehion Ministries UK Children’s Catholic Ministry to record the event and that this will be posted on any media and that it may include media of my child if they take part on video through accessing the online ministry on Sehion UK social media and/or website.

      If I have any other questions or concerns after agreeing to these terms, I will endeavour to directly contact the responsible Coordinator for Sehion Children’s Ministry via email.

    Website: / E-mail: This information will be held with us during the time of this event according to the GDPR rules

    By signing my child up for Video Conferencing Platform for Children’s Ministry, I agree to all the above terms and give consent to Sehion UK Children’s Ministry.