kfkThe Kids for Kingdom ministry is an exceptional ministry under the Sehion UK Ministries for the children and teenagers who are aged between 5 and 16. The chief purpose of this ministry is to proclaim the Word of God to the children and to make Jesus known to them intimately. The programmes that the ministry does consists of several elements like preaching, praise and worship, devotion to Mother Mary, musical worship, action songs, sacred dramas, activities etc. The Spirit of God has been in complete control in all the previous KFK ministries as the results have been positive through many conversions happening among the youngsters.
We would like to let the readers know that we are ready to come to your areas, localities and parishes to conduct retreats for kids and teens. Please contact us via the details given below.

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Jithu Devasia: Tel: +44 7735 443778 / Thomas Joseph: Tel: +44 7877 508926, Email: sehioneurope@gmail.com

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